Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.

Langage of teaching

Courses are usually taught by English speaking and/or French speaking teachers:
when English there's a translation towards French,
When French, we organize a translation towards English if English students are present.

Dates & fees

All the dates and fees for the next courses in France, as well as the online registration form, can be found on our website on this page.
If you can registrer on the website, it means that there is place.

Exemple, SME :

Contract in English

We don’t do English contract. Sorry.
But, be confident, we have the habit to work with foreign students and everything works well...
And we are certified by the BMCA….

BMCA / BMC programs in the world / Equity

You can get your certificate by doing all the courses required in any of the programs approved by SBMC.
It is the case for the french program (SOMA) and the German program (MOVEUS) for instance.
And the courses of year 1 and 2 can be taken in any order. So you can start in France with year 2 even though your are not finished with year 1. /

How to get registered ?

The registration is only on line trough the website.
Complete the form, please.