Infant Developmental Movement Education

The IDME Program is especially suited for people who already work with babies or infants and are interested to explore developmental movement. We also welcome people who wish to include infants in their work and participants who are interested in movement organization and development such as dancers or bodyworkers.

Besides the four basic developmental courses that are also part of the Somatic Movement Education program, students will take two additional courses focusing on applications of these prinicples with infants.

This program is a highly sophisticated and subtle approach to the observation and facilitation of normal movement patterns in infants.  It trains people to recognize early movement patterns and to interact effectively with infants in ways that will have a positive effect on their growth and development.  The goal in movement education with infants is to help set a foundation that supports pathways of ease, strength, agility and adaptability and to help avoid restrictive patterns of movement that inhibit the development of the full potential of the child.

This program is designed to train people to evaluate and facilitate normal development in infants.

Students will learn to: 

  • Observe how normal movement develops in infancy
  • Identify and analyze normal movement patterns
  • Facilitate basic perception in relation to movement
  • Facilitate normal movement development in a child
  • Educate parents about ways to facilitate normal movement development in their child
  • Identify and analyze basic movement difficulties and to facilitate normal movement development
  • Recognize problems in infants at risk for developing physical problems, learning disabilities, and emotional limitations
  • Recognize indications for referral to an appropriate therapist