Pre-registration - BMC Practitioner - Individual


The office will be closed from December, 23rd to January, 2nd.
The contacts and the registration wll be done for the 2nd of Januray 2017.

The registration process happens in 4 steps:

1- Fill out the pre-registration form below.

2- Send us the answers to the application questions and return them with a recent picture.

3- If there are still places available, we will send you a training contract.

4- Your registration will be confirmed only after we receive your signed contract, and a deposit of 10 % of the overall training fees.


I register for the following courses


*These courses are only open to students who completed all courses of the SME Program and finished all homework for the first two year-courses. These courses are also open to people who finished all four years of the Practitioner Program.

**These courses are only open to students who are enrolled in then BMC Practitioner Training.

**This course is open to everyone and obligatory for the SME students who want to enroll in the BMC Practitioner Training.

SOMA annual membership: 10,00 €

Paiment information: We accept paiments through Euro wiring, Paypal, and French bank check.