Pre-registration - BMC Practitioner - Individual


The registration process happens in 4 steps:

1- Fill out the pre-registration form below.

2- Send us the answers to the application questions and return them with a recent picture.

3- If there are still places available, we will send you a training contract.

4- Your registration will be confirmed only after we receive your signed contract, and a deposit of 10 % of the overall training fees.


I register for the following courses


*These courses are only open to students who completed all courses of the SME Program and finished all homework for the first two year-courses. These courses are also open to people who finished all four years of the Practitioner Program.

**These courses are only open to students who are enrolled in then BMC Practitioner Training.

**This course is open to everyone and obligatory for the SME students who want to enroll in the BMC Practitioner Training.

SOMA annual membership: 10,00 €

Paiment information: We accept paiments through Euro wiring, Paypal, and French bank check.