Somatic Movement Education

1st Cycle : Somatic Movement Education
(Year 1 and 2)

500 hours of class spread on two years 

Education Somatique par le Mouvement - SOMAThis program explores the richness of the relationship between body, mind, movement and touch in the context of our dynamic Embodied Anatomy and Embodied Developmental Movement approach to Somatic Movement Education.

Students are introduced to the foundations and fundamentals of embodiment in working with themselves and others. This 500+ hour program requires two years of study.


  • Being able to demonstrate an embodiment of the body systems and the developmental process, and to share these principles verbally.
  • Understanding the function of body systems, and their role in movement's initiation and expression.
  • Being able to explain the goals of Somatic Movement Education.
  • Being able to share the basic principles of BMC with others in an experiential way.
  • Learn to integrate the BMC approach in your profession.